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Last Updated: 2015/06/07
Summary of question
Is there any problem in sweeping and cleaning one”s house at night?
I have heard mostly from old people that one should not dust, sweep or broom their house after sunset? Is it true?
Concise answer
1.  Having conducted a research into Hadith (scriptural) sources, we found out that the narrations about cleaning, dusting and sweeping a house are absolute and unrestricted in the sense that they include both day and night. There is nothing to indicate that dusting and cleaning are forbidden at night.
A) Imam Ali has been reported to have said: "Shall I inform you of what causes sustenance?" They said: "Yes, O Commander of the Faithful!"
Imam Ali (AS) said: "Combining between two prayers (Zuhr and Asr, Maghrib and Isha), reciting prescribed du'as (supplications) and performing the required ta'qibaat (supplications recited after an obligatory prayer) after Dawn and Afternoon prayers, visiting close relatives and sweeping the threshold of one's house cause rizq (sustenance) to increase."[1]
It has been reported from Imam Sadiq (AS) that he said: "Washing the dishes and sweeping the threshold (door step) of one's house attracts the sustenance."[2]
Obviously, there is nothing in these two traditions to indicate that the sweeping or dusting one's house at night is not allowed and that it is allowable only during the day. In fact, it includes both day and night.
2. According to some traditions, not only dusting and sweeping have not been discouraged at night time but they approved of and encouraged.
It has been reported from Imam Musa bin Ja'far (AS) that he said: "The Messenger of Allah (S) said: On Thursday evening  and on the night preceding Friday, whoever sweeps a mosque and brooms it and throws out the dust to the extent of a surmah applied to the eye,  God will forgive his sins."[3]
In this tradition, sweeping and dusting house has been commended by the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him and his family.
3. There is another saying from the Prophet (S) about cleaning one's house at day time. It has been narrated that the Holy Prophet (S) said: "Do not keep the garbage in your houses at night. Take it out of your houses because garbage is the place of Satan (evil).[4]
Although this narration implies cleaning and dusting during day time, it does not mean that if cleaning is not done during the day, then it should be postponed till the next day because this narration signifies haste in getting rid of waste and filth. Since garbage is a breeding ground for microbes, insects and diseases, therefore they should never be kept in the house.

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